Grace Kitchen re-launch! 8 August 2018

Were you at worship on Sunday 29th July? If not, you missed an opportunity to hear what’s cooking in our Grace Kitchen! To keep you in the know, read this summary of what was presented to us by Talitha Du Plessis of the GKM Committee.
# Our elders (Session) took a decision earlier this year to renew their involvement in overseeing and supporting this special ministry at BPC.
# A GKM/Session sub-committee was established and given the task to ensure that Grace Kitchen was operating according to their mandate, within the boundaries of our Constitution, adhering to our Health & Safety manual and also what is required by law. A GKM Manual in the making!
#What’s in the Manual?
A Constitution, a Vision & Mission Statement, Job Descriptions for our paid staff members, Volunteer Guidelines, Salaries, Benefits & Disciplines for paid staff, Portfolios for GKM Committee members and Procedure to Attain Donations & Sponsors.
#What’s still needed?
Until now we have been registered, jointly, with BPC as a PBO (Public Benefit Organization) but we need to be registered as an NPO (nonprofit organisation), which will enable us to issue Tax Certificates to donors donating large amounts of cash. We can also apply for a Woolworths My School Card, another avenue where we can earn some income. Watch this space to make GKM your beneficiary…
Please pray with GKM for a miracle and a quick registration.
##### VERY IMPORTANT ITEM – Grace Kitchen has their own account FNB. Please change the banking details if you are one of our regular monthly donors paying via a debit order into BPC’s account.

New banking details:
Grace Kitchen
FNB Willowbridge
Name of Account: Grace Kitchen Ministry
Account number: 6276 128 6791
Branch Code: 250 655

# There is a proper bookkeeping system including a budget for the financial year and sharing insurance with BPC.
# All our food donations are recorded and stock taking is regularly done.
# We have duty rosters for all our volunteers and you’re strongly encouraged to become part of our volunteer team and experience the many blessings in feeding the poor. Speak to Danielle Pretorius, our current Kitchen Manager, and find out how you can contribute (tel 021 948 2417).
# Danielle was appointed as Interim Manager for three months and we hope our permanent Kitchen Manager will start on 1 September. Yay!
# GKM income is generated purely by donations, fund raising and a generous gift from BPC. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of Grace Kitchen Ministry, for your willingness and kindness to always support all our efforts in raising funds and for your countless donations to this ministry.
# BPC, as part of its contribution to the poor, has budgeted to fund GKM in the amount of R10 000 per month. (This was approved by the AGM on 29th July).
# Our volunteers are amazing people – cooking, peeling veggies, dishing food, delivering to clinic and hospital and cleaning up. THANK YOU!
# Currently we prepare and deliver about 400 meals per week to the TB Clinic in Kasselsvlei, Bellville South and the Outpatients at Karl Bremer Hospital. We also cook and donate soup (5 days per week) to MES (BPC’s Mission partner) which is served to street people at their Safe Haven facility. We want to grow to a point where we will be delivering food to the poor at our maximum capacity.
# We as the GKM Committee are very proud of what has been achieved by this ministry over the last 3 to 4 years and we see it as an absolute privilege to serve our Lord and His children in this very special way.
Help us to keep up the good work by always praying for God’s blessing on Grace Kitchen, BPC and especially the people we feed.

Thank you Talitha and the team at GKM!

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