Join us for our fete on 17 August! Details below:

Several thousand young adults will gather from South Africa, other African countries and beyond in a Pilgrimage of Trust: Celebrating Christ, Source of peace and true reconciliation Praying, singing, being in silence and sharing faith Discovering people of different cultures and their lives Experiencing the Church as a ferment of unity and communion Accommodation with…

THANK YOU BPC for your donations to date. We are still in need of 39 x 50 ml Vaselines, and 81 roll-on deodorant for the Christmas Gift Bags for the Homeless. In August we are collecting 125gram Sunlight laundry soap.

If you have lost someone close or if you want to support a friend/family member who has lost a loved one, please join us for GRIEF SHARE. Date: 22 August 2019 – 21 November 2019 Time: 9-11 Venue: BPC To book your space, please contact:Pam – 083 454 1425 / Louise – 084 566 8886

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