Dear members

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Elders (Session meeting) we took 2 decisions as follows:

  • We will keep services closed for another month and review on the 15th of February.  The YouTube services will continue, but please note that from now on they will only be available from Sunday morning at 09:30.  In other words, even if you find the link before then you will not be able to open it before 09:30 on the Sunday morning.  This is the decision by the Ministers in an attempt to let all the congregation worship together at the same time, or at least beginning at the same time.
  • We are closing the office again for a month starting on Tuesday the 19th of January.  This will go back to what they were in the earlier severe lockdown, which means our Secretary, Lydia Fick, will be available, working from home on the regular church phone number and e-mail and in her regular working hours from 08:00 – 13:00.  Of course all emergencies can also come to your Ministers and Pastoral co-ordinators Pam Botha and Louise Gevers.

Much love

John Comninos and Rod Botsis

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