Dear friends,

Welcome to Worship. It is Palm Sunday. The day of the “Great Entrance” of Jesus into Jerusalem. It is also Holy Communion Sunday for us at BPC. I put “Great Entrance” in quotation marks for a purpose.

You know we stand at the start of each Worship service for the Bible – to signal to each of us the authority of the Word of God in our faith and lives. Technically in Presbyterian language this is called “the Little Entrance” or “the Minor Entrance”.

The “Great Entrance” is when the Elements of bread and wine for Holy Communion are brought into the Church. We never see this “Great Entrance” as the Table is set before we arrive. But, at the General Assembly (our highest decision making body which meets once per year) when Holy Communion is celebrated the Elders leave the Church Sanctuary (where we worship) and go to a hall alongside, prepare the Elements and when they return to the Church brining in the Elements we all stand and sing Psalm 24: “The earth belongs to the Lord … lift up your heads ye gates and let the King of glory in!”. It is dramatic, moving and wonderful. That is, technically, in Presbyspeak “The Great Entrance”. It signals the Lord, the Living Word and not just the printed word of God, is in our company. As I said: dramatic, moving and wonderful.

So, too Palm Sunday: Some of the Lord’s followers and friends make a fuss of Him seeing Him as the King. They want to declare He is the King (not Caesar, Emperor and King of the Roman Empire). They want to show Him off: This is thé King entering the city of the King– Jerusalem, not Rome! It is dramatic, moving, wonderful.

I hope you will catch the feeling of this lovely day in our calendar and I hope you will find worshipping the Risen Lord dramatic, moving and wonderful – we join with Angel and Archangels, and all the company of Heaven and all the church in all the world to declare He is thé Lord, the King. All the earth and all creation belongs to Him.

And I hope you will again find Holy Communion today dramatic, moving and wonderful. We meet with Him who told us to do this and to remember He will never leave us, ever, ever!

Worship well. Entering God’s presence is always dramatic, moving and wonderful.
Love, always


Thanksgiving 2 Dec 2020

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